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Jack E Nelson

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Providence Smiled on Me, by Hubert Whitlock

Founder of Hubert Whitlock Builders, Inc., in Charlotte, N.C., Mr. Whitlock is also a World War II veteran who survived thirty combat missions over Europe as a B-24 bombardier. In these excerpts we get a glimpse of his wartime experience.

The Longer I Live, the More I Learn, by Katherine Harper

One of Charlotte, North Carolina's most successful businesswomen, Katherine Harper co-founded Harper Corporation of America. Her additional achievements include a run for the United States Senate in 1986. Yet this warm-hearted woman is willing to acknowledge that the toughest task she ever had was raising five children. In the chapter excerpted here, she tells us where her work ethic came from.

The Harder I Work the Luckier I Get, by Ron Harper

In this memoir Mr. Harper shares the story of his life, the secrets of his success, and his heartfelt advice to others. The "Preface" is excerpted here. The book is available for purchase on The Harper Campus of the Central Piedmont Community College in Charlotte, N.C., is named in honor of Ron and Katherine Harper for the contributions they have made to education.

Bwana Mganga: The Life of C.Donald Nelson, by Jack E. Nelson

The first personal history project I undertook was in response to a request from my father (1925-2004) to help him put together the story of his adventurous life. He was thinking of retiring from a lengthy career as a medical doctor, a career that began with a ten year period of service as a missionary doctor in the Congo and included the founding of a hospital in Haiti. He wanted to be able to give the completed book to his many patients and medical colleagues. Shortly after we finished the book, he was diagnosed with metastasized cancer. Available here is the entire book as a pdf, formatted for reading on a tablet computer.

Jack E Nelson is a personal historian living in the Charlotte, N.C., area. Formerly a professor of Intellectual Heritage and Religious Studies at Temple University, he now runs his own business, Preserving Memories, offering assistance in memoir writing , editing and publishing family histories, and researching and writing organization and company histories. Jack Nelson can be contacted at 704-243-4447.

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