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Your favorite stories about your pet, along with color photographs, can be turned into a delightful book. Here is a way to share your pet stories with friends and family members who love your dog or cat, horse or hamster as much as you do.

Putting Together a Pet Book

First: We set up a meeting to go over your book project.
Second: You fill out a short questionnaire about your pet.
Third: You will be interviewed for about ninety minutes about your pet.
Fourth: We compose a draft based on the information you give us, and you review the draft when it is complete and suggest revisions.
Fifth: Following revisions of the draft, photos of your pet are scanned to include in the book, and the book is put into production.

The cost for a book about your pet will range from $500 to $1,000, depending on the length of the book you want and the number of photos included, plus the printing and binding options you select. We can tailor your book to accommodate your desires, writing it in first person with you as the author or third person.

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