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Articles on Memoir Writing

by Jack E Nelson

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Writing Your Memoir

A key to writing a good memoir is coming up with a central theme and then building a storyline around that theme.

From Memoir Reading to Memoir Writing

Anyone thinking of writing their own memoir would do well to add memoirs written by others to their reading list for awhile. Much can be gleaned from studying how others have put their life stories together.

From Memories to Memoirs

There is often much occurring in the recall of earliest memories that can tell us something about how a person views himself or herself. But our recollections can be much more complex than is often assumed.

Capturing Family History

Encouraging one of your children to interview their grandparents may yield better results than interviewing your parents yourself. A grandchild can bring an unbiased freshness to the project, an eagerness to learn and an inquisitiveness about the past.

Memoir Writing for a Centenarian

A number of years ago my wife and I visited an aunt and uncle of mine living in a retirement community in southern California. They mentioned to us that they had a neighbor who was 104 years old, and she had recently completed writing a memoir. Being someone with an avid interest in memoir writing, my interest was piqued. I wanted to meet this person.

Writing a Spiritual Memoir

A pilgrimage is a journey where the destination may be vague, though often idealized, and the road is unclear. These are journeys of inner transformation, where the search is for spiritual truth and assurance. A spiritual memoir is the story of the journey, the adversities encountered along the way, the insights learned, and the lessons to be shared with others.

A Memoir about the Good Times

For anyone who has contemplated writing a memoir but doesn't know how to get started, here is a suggestion: Take the best you've experienced in life - your meaningful friendships, your greatest adventures, your most romantic moments, your most rewarding achievements - and put them all together in a book that will let people know you've enjoyed life and made the most of it.

Jack E Nelson is a personal historian living in Charlotte, NC. Formerly a professor of Intellectual Heritage and Religious Studies at Temple University, he now runs his own business, Preserving Memories, offering assistance in memoir writing , editing and publishing family histories, and researching and writing organization and company histories. The articles listed here have been previously published in Whole Health News. Jack Nelson can be contacted at 704-243-4447.

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