Personal History Services Offered

  • Interviewing and Writing of Life Histories

    Fifteen or more hours of recorded interviews are needed to put together a full-length book. The interviewing takes place in the privacy of your home or anywhere that is convenient for you. My questioning will help you recall details needed for a lively narrative. Those recordings will then be transcribed. Expert editing follows, maintaining your voice and style. For a full-length project (a 150-200 page book) the process generally takes six to nine months, time for reflection on one's life and the revision of several drafts. You can see what the completed product looks like by reading passages from some of the memoirs I've helped others complete by following this link.

  • Company and Organization Histories

    A company or organization history, documenting the founding and growth, the setbacks and successes, as well as the personalities involved, is a useful public relations tool and an introductory document for new personnel. Company histories are prepared based on interviews with key figures in the company's development and archival research.Back to top

  • Editing and Publishing Assistance

    If you have written your own memoir or family history and would like editorial assistance and help in getting your manuscript printed, this service is available. Completed manuscripts can be formatted and prepared for printing, then guided through the printing process. This includes appropriate layout and cover design, preparation and placement of photographs, paper choice and selection of the optimum printing technique for your book. Back to top

  • Audio Life Story Interviews

    Getting your life story, or that of a relative, recorded is the most important part. Only then is it preserved. My questions and prompts will help you remember details and fill out your story. Transcribing the recordings and fashioning them into a book can wait until later if there are time or budget constraints. Digital recordings (CD disks) will be produced.Back to top

  • Speaking to Groups about Memoir and Autobiography Writing

    Would you like to learn more about memoir writing? Taking the time to review one's life and then leaving a record of one's experiences, lessons learned and reflections is something that I believe everyone should make an effort to do. Invite me to speak to your group or club, to your organization or at your family reunion, and I'll be happy to share my thoughts on how best to proceed in writing a memoir and the fulfillment that can come from taking up the challenge. Back to top

  • Pet Books

    Your favorite stories about your pet, along with color photographs, can be turned into a delightful book. Assisted by Joanna Nelson, this new service is now available. Here is a way to share your pet stories with friends and family members who love your dog or cat, horse or hamster as much as you do. Follow this link for more on Pet Books.


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